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After your first arrest and conviction for DUI, you probably decided that you wouldn't allow that to happen again. Unfortunately once you have one conviction on your record, it is far easier to get arrested for a 2nd or 3rd DUI. When a law enforcement officer suspects a driver of being impaired by drugs or alcohol, it is a simple matter to check the driver's record for prior DUI convictions. This information may tip the scales on whether the officer proceeds to conduct a field sobriety test to gather enough evidence to make an arrest. A second DUI arrest will mean you face harsher penalties if you are convicted. It is urgent that you consult a DeKalb County DUI lawyer to discuss the DUI process and your defense at once.

DUI Attorney in DeKalb County: Your Defense

Since the penalties for a second DUI offense are more extreme, if you are convicted you will face jail time usually with a one year probation less time served, suspended license, hefty fines plus other fees and charges, mandatory substance abuse evaluation or treatment, and 30 days community service. Trying to get to school or work and run errands without a driver's license can be most inconvenient. Your best chance of avoiding conviction and these penalties rests in selecting a thoroughly experienced 2nd DUI defense attorney who has the background to isolate the flaws in the prosecution's case and devise a powerful strategy with includes use any weaknesses in evidence or violations of your rights by law enforcement in fighting the charges against you.

Richard S. Lawson is a former DUI prosecutor with over 20 years of experience and our firm focuses solely on DUI defense. Whether you are concerned about defending a vehicular homicide charge, your child facing a minor in possession of alcohol charge or you need to fight an accusation of refusal & alleged refusal to take a Blood or breath test you need a legal team with the scientific and investigative resources to refute the prosecution's case. A DUI defense lawyer at our firm can review the circumstances of your arrest and work with you to help you fight to protect your future.

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