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Facing DUI charges is no laughing matter because an ultimate conviction can lead to a suspended license, hefty monetary fines, probation, sky high insurance premiums and a permanent mark on your criminal record. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, our entire practice focuses on DUI defense. With over 25 years specializing in DUI and with over 4,900 DUI cases under our belt, we are more than qualified to handle your DUI case. You can breathe easier knowing that an Ashford DUI attorney from our firm will work tirelessly to get a favorable outcome in your DUI case.

As a DUI firm that focuses strictly on DUI defense, we have built solid relationships with top expert witnesses, investigators, witnesses and former law enforcement officials who will investigate your case independently. In fact, our lead attorney is a former DUI prosecutor which gives him an edge over other DUI attorneys because he knows how the prosecution thinks and acts. He uses this intimate knowledge to build stronger cases for his clients and every effort we make is towards reducing or eliminating the negative consequences of a DUI charge.

Challenging Your DUI Case

From the moment we take on your case we will start building your DUI defense, we will question every aspect of your case starting with the possibility of an unlawful police stop, to the field sobriety tests, to challenging any blood & breath tests. If you were arrested at a roadside checkpoint, or if you were charged with child endangerment, we will meticulously examine every piece of evidence and work towards lighter penalties and a positive outcome.

Our firm is adept at handling all types of DUI cases including: Drugs & DUI, DUI under 21, refusals/alleged refusals, marijuana cases, accidents and serious injury by vehicle, minor in possession of alcohol, GA DUI by out of state driver and vehicular homicide. Whether this is your first DUI offense, or if you have prior DUI convictions, we remain constant in our commitment to do what we can to help you reach a favorable case result.

Ashford DUI Attorney on Your Side

All DUI cases are time sensitive; therefore, whether you violated your probation, or if you had a refusal / alleged refusal, it's important that you have an attorney represent you at your ALS hearing if you want to avoid a suspended license. We can explain to you the difference between a plea bargain vs. trial and we can explain why you need a lawyer.

The DUI process is very specific and having a tailored defense can mean the difference between losing your license and retaining it. We care deeply for our clients and we understand how much you have to lose upon conviction. We urge you to contact an Ashford DUI lawyer from our firm to schedule your initial consultation. Once we meet with you in person we can give you a good understanding of how we can defend your case and how best to proceed forward from there.

To learn more about DUI defense, contact an Ashford DUI attorney from the firm today!

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