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If you were arrested for DUI, it's important to be careful when selecting an attorney to represent you. In fact, when your driving privileges, your driver's license, and your reputation are on the line, it becomes absolutely critical to select the best DUI lawyer you can find. A DUI conviction in the state of Georgia is no laughing matter.

Whether your case is prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony, either way an ultimate conviction for DUI means a permanent mark on your criminal record. Most of us work hard to abide by the law so we can build a solid reputation in our community, and when a momentary lapse in judgment threatens our reputation, and our career, then it's critical that we do everything we can to avoid a conviction.

At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, you are getting the highest quality defense representation in Northern Georgia. Our founding attorney Richard S. Lawson is much more than your average defense attorney. Instead of being a "general practitioner" who dabbles in DUI defense from time to time, he has dedicated his entire legal career and his practice to DUI related charges.

As a former Georgia Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Lawson prosecuted DUI cases. When he left the prosecutor's office, he took all of his knowledge and experience that he gained with him. Today, he frequently uses what he learned as a Georgia prosecutor to his client's advantage. You can't compare the knowledge an attorney gains from being a former prosecutor to someone else who lacks the same level of experience.

Qualifications Make the Best Attorneys in DeKalb County

While other criminal defense attorneys may defend DUI cases once in a while, DeKalb County DUI attorney Richard Lawson has gone all the way with his career. He not only practices DUI defense full time, but he also teaches other attorneys how to defend their own clients and help them achieve successful case results. He is an instructor at the Institute for Continuing Education where he teaches other DUI attorneys how to win their DUI cases. He has also spoken on various different DUI topics at legal seminars including cross-examining techniques in DUI trials.

Not only does he teach DUI defense, as of 2000, he has been certified as a DUI standardized field sobriety testing instructor. This special qualification allows him to teach the police how to conduct standardized field sobriety tests on drivers who are suspected of drunk driving.

When you are selecting the best attorney to defend your DUI case, only a lawyer with extensive experience will afford you the greatest advantage in court. In his career, Mr. Lawson has successfully resolved over 4,500 cases, he has been lead counsel at the jury trials and motions of hundreds of Georgia DUI cases, and he has helped more than 4,000 Georgia residents keep their driver's licenses. He is licensed to practice in all trial courts in the Atlanta metropolitan area and all throughout Northern Georgia.

Over his successful career, he has gained a solid reputation for being a skilled negotiator and trial attorney. When you need the best DUI lawyer you can find, you owe it to yourself to retain someone with a reputation such as the one that Mr. Lawson has earned throughout his career in DUI defense.

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