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Have you been accused of violating your DUI probation?

Often, a DUI conviction includes a period of probation. If you are currently on probation for a DUI conviction and are arrested again the consequences can be very serious. You can face up one year in jail if you violate probation. If you have been arrested while on probation it is critical that you contact a qualified DeKalb County DUI attorney immediately to assist you and provide legal counsel to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for your case.

DUI Probation Violation Lawyer in DeKalb County

Often, probation requires that you attend court-ordered alcohol education programs. In addition to these programs you may have to pay a fine and perform community service. If you do not complete these requirements, you can be put in jail. If you believe an administrative error makes it appear that you have not fulfilled your probation obligation or you have been arrested for another drunk driving offense, you should contact us immediately so that we can move your case in the right direction.

Our legal team has worked on countless probation violation cases involving DUI offenses and we will fight for a good resolution to your problem. No matter the exact circumstances that you are facing, you can be confident knowing that we will not be deterred. We understand the importance that the outcome of these types of situations can have on your future and we are therefore unwaveringly devoted to ensuring that you will receive the support and guidance that you truly deserve. We will never treat you as a mere number and will instead work relentlessly to help you achieve your desirable result.

Contact a DeKalb County DUI attorney as soon as you can in order to maintain your freedom. Your best defense begins with the legal team at our firm.

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