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People are arrested for DUI in DeKalb County everyday; if you are one of those who arrested, you may be tempted to forgo an experienced DeKalb County DUI attorney and attempt to resolve the charges on your own. Our technology-driven society allows us to do things for ourselves that our parents and grandparents never dreamed were possible. Legal representation, however, is not one of those things. We can manage our bank balances, make international travel plans, and create our own one-man band with access to information on the Internet, but a good DUI defense is not something you can just pick up on your way home. Attempting to face your DUI charges alone can lead to extreme consequences and you may further complicate your case.

Currently, there is a wealth of information available about what to do if you are ever arrested and charged with a DUI, but words on a page are not enough to properly defend youself in court. The most critical step to developing a good defense is to contact an experienced attorney who will walk you through the DUI process and advise you on the best course of action for your unique situation. Your best defense starts the moment you contact the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson; our skilled and knowledgeable legal team will work relentlessly to address your charges and identify the best way to proceed.

DUI Defense Attorney in DeKalb County, GA

No court system is the same and they often have their own customs and procedures, an experienced DeKalb County DUI defense lawyer will know how to handle your DUI better than a general practitioner. He or she will be familiar with the court and will be able to take the appropriate steps that will lead to reduced or dismissed charges. Also, a good lawyer in Dekalb will know the unique characteristics of a charge and how best to address the related allegations. There are many facets of a DUI arrest - an experienced attorney will look for the information and important details pertaining to your arrest. The legal team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson will review your case and identify important details such as:

  1. Did the officer observe behavior that would suggest DUI before the initial stop was made?
  2. If you were stopped at a roadblock, did the law enforcement officials follow protocol and respect your rights, such as:
    • A legitimate purpose for the roadblock has been identified
    • Every vehicle was stopped
    • The check point was approved by a supervising officer
    • Was the roadblock properly marked?
    • Were you held for the appropriate amount of time and for the correct legal purpose?
  3. Was suspicion of DUI used as an excuse to pull you over or were you racially profiled?
  4. Were field sobriety tests properly administered and interpreted correctly?
  5. Were you properly advised of your implied consent rights and were your questions answered correctly?
  6. Did the arresting officer say anything to contradict your implied consent rights?
  7. Was your vehicle searched and was there probable cause to do so?
  8. Were your Miranda Rights violated?
  9. Was there Probable Cause to arrest you for DUI?
  10. Did you take a breath test and was the machine functioning properly?
  11. Did you take a blood test and was proper procedure followed?
  12. Did you take a urine test and was procedure followed?
  13. Did you take a urine test while on prescription drugs? Was the drug with in the therapeutic level in the sample or within the abusive range?
  14. Were you told that you have a right to an independent breath, blood, or urine test?
  15. Was your arresting officer properly trained to make a DUI arrest?
  16. Did the arresting officer have a disciplinary record?
  17. If your urine test shows the presence of marijuana metabolites, are the metabolites active THC or inactive, meaning could the marijuana have actually impaired your driving?
  18. Was there an accident at the time of the arrest and was the other driver or drivers at fault?
  19. Did the accident cause you to appear impaired due to injury or short term shock?
  20. Did the airbag deploy during the accident? Causing temporary confusion and trauma.

The factors mentioned above only represent a small portion of the potential concerns and questions that a good DUI attorney may have about your case. If you are arrested, you should contact our firm because we bring over 20 years of experience defending DUI cases exclusively to the table. As DUI cases are our only focus, we have the opportunity to stay updated on all of the new scientific and legal discoveries and developments that may impact DUI related offenses.

Contact a DeKalb County DUI attorney at our firm and we will work tirelessly to resolve you case with minimal damage to your personal and professional life.

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