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Charged with a DUI in Walton County?

Have you been charged with a DUI offense in Walton County, GA? If so, you may have questions regarding potential jail time, community service, fines, probation and other potential punishments. In order to minimize or avoid these negative consequences it is critical that you contact an experienced Walton County DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Attempting to handle your charges without competent legal representation for your DUI, can further complicate your case and lead to harsher punishments. Contacting a DUI defense attorney early on may help improve the outcome of your case dramatically. The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson are ready to help you navigate the complex DUI process

DUI Defense Attorney in Walton County

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson have over 25 years of experienced defending complex DUI cases. We will review your case with an expert eye and develop the best defense for your unique needs. We have access to powerful scientific and legal resources that will help us build the strength of case. We also utilize expert witnesses to support your case and refute claims by the prosecution. Don't face a DUI charge alone. Contact our firm today to protect your personal and professional life. We work with a myriad of DUI issues, for example:

When you are officially arrested for DUI, you will be read your rights. It is critical that you remember that you are not obligated to speak or answer any questions from this point on. As soon as possible, contact the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson. An experienced DUI attorney in Walton will then be able to advise you on how best to proceed. Continuing to speak after you have been read your rights might seem tempting but do your best to remain silent in order to avoid any unneeded complications to your case. Often, individuals think that they are defending themselves but instead are creating more obstacles in the case. Contact our firm immediately to protect your rights and preserve your future.

Your freedom is our top priority, don't delay and contact a Walton County DUI Lawyer at our firm today for guidance concerning your DUI charges.

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