A Plea Bargain or a Trial?

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If you are facing a DUI trial, there are several options you should consider. One of the options you may have is whether you should enter a plea bargain or go to trial. Attorney Richard Lawson and the lawyers at his firm will advise you of the likely consequences of your decision. If your DUI offense is very serious, the stakes are instantly higher and can impact your chances of winning your case. Occasionally, if someone was injured or there was a fatality, the judge or jury may find you guilty even if you were not intoxicated or the cause of the accident.

Sometimes, a person will take a plea deal to avoid a conviction at trial. An experienced DeKalb County DUI lawyer may be able to reduce your charge to reckless driving or another offense that carries a lighter punishment. Plea bargains for reckless driving are not offered automatically. To get a reduced plea, your attorney must thoroughly investigate your case and find holes in the prosecution's case in order to gain leverage in the plea negotiation process. Once the weaknesses in the prosecution's case are exposed, he or she may offer you a plea of reckless driving or completely dismiss the case. If the prosecutor declines to dismiss the case, you may choose to go to trial and fight the charge. If you choose to go to trial, our firm will collect as much evidence as possible to exonerate you and restore your right to drive.

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In some cases the jury may not be able to agree on the presence or absence of guilt, this can result in a "hung jury." If this happens, a new trial will be set and the process starts again. At this point, the prosecution may be willing to negotiate a plea of dismiss your case completely. The expert DUI defense lawyers at our firm will seek out every flaw within the prosecution's case in preparation for your trial. As our firm focuses exclusively on DUI cases, we have a special edge that other general practice firms do not have. We can bring in expert witnesses and understand the DUI process from beginning to end.

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