.08 the legal limit in a DUI case

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If you are facing a Walton County DUI charge, you probably already know that the legal limit in Georgia is a .08 for a driver aged 21 and older.  But what is so special about a .08?  Does being over a .08 mean that the driver is impaired? 

With each alcohol beverage consumed, a person's blood alcohol concentration increases.
Unfortunately, Walton County prosecuting attorneys, and the Georgia legislature, believe the
vast majority of drivers are drunk and impaired to drive at the .08 mark.  They feel that that is the threshold for reaction skills necessary for driving a motor vehicle.   Studies have suggested that the most crucial aspect of driving impairment is the reduction in the ability of the driver to multi-task, and multi-tasking is crucial to safely driving an automobile. 

But any definite number is inherently arbitrary.  For years, the BAC limit in Georgia was a .10.  And every person is different and metabolizes alcohol differently.  The breathalyzer tests often give inaccurate results and should not be blindly follows (even though it seems that prosecutors do just that).  If you are facing an unjust Walton Co. DUI charge, call the  law offices of Richard S. Lawson today for a free consultation. 

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