Challenge the Breath Test Results

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The prosecuting attorney on behalf of the government will almost always seek to use the results of your breathalyzer tests against you in a DUI prosecution.  However, it is always possible to challenge the validity and reliability of such blood and alcohol tests that you may have had to take.  Griffin, GA DUI lawyer Richard Lawson will examine your test results and make arguments against the admissability of such tests if applicable. 

First of all, medical conditions like diabetes can affect the results of the test.  The machines may not be calibrated or in working order.  The officer may not an operators permit.  Even if the test accurately displayed your blood alcohol level, it only shows such a level at the time you were tested which is NOT the time you were driving.  Because of the way that alcohol metabolizes, it is possible, maybe even probable, that your blood alcohol level, and thus results, are higher at the time of the test than when you were driving. 

There are many potential attacks that can be made on unjust DUI charges in Griffin and the greater Atlanta area.  Call aggressive DUI lawyer Richard Lawson today to discus possible defenses and Georgia drivers license issues.  These cases can be fought and won.  Protect your rights and call today.

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