DUI Science: the effects of alcohol

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The liver can metabolize only a certain amount of alcohol per hour, regardless of how much alcohol has been consumed. The rate of the metabolism of alcohol depends on how many metabolizing enzymes the individual person has in their liver.  This varies among individuals and seems to be genetic.  Keep in mind that both the ingestion of food and the strength of the alcoholic drink can effect absorption rates as well. 

Each person is different and reacts to alcohol in a different way.  DeKalb County prosecuting attorneys try to put everyone into a certain box when they are pursuing DUI convictions and this is not the case.  The timing of the breathalyzer test, whether the test was taken or refused, the instructions the officer gave, the drivers appearance, the drivers medical history, the drivers sex and weight, and the drivers performance on the field sobriety tests are all among the factors that need to be considered in a DeKalb County DUI case. 

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