Food and Alcohol Intoxication

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DeKalb County prosecuting attorneys are aggressive in pursuing DUI convictions.  DUI attorney Richard Lawson is aggressive in stopping this.  He uses a variety of legal argument and scientific principles to contest DUI cases for his clients.  Call him today to discuss the unique factors of your case and possible challenges.  For example, consider the timing of the  breath test that the DeKalb prosecuting attorneys will attempt to use against you.  Lots of factors can affect the breathalyzer reading.  Consider the following when you think about the timing of the test:  

In a driver who has not been eating, the peak blood alcohol content (when the breathalyze result would be the highest) occurs in about 0.5 to 2.0 hours; while in non-fasting drivers, peak blood alcohol levels are achieved in 1.0 to 6.0 hours. Food taken along with alcohol results in a lower, delayed blood alcohol concentration high point. 

As DUI offenses have serious penalties and implications in your professional life, don't sit back and let your rights be trampled.  Call a skilled DeKalb County DUI lawyer for a case consultation.  These cases can be fought and won.  Call within 30 days to save your Georgia drivers license.   

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Richard S. Lawson is passionate about intoxicated driving defense. Unlike some attorneys, Mr. Lawson devotes 100% of his legal practice to helping people stand up for their rights against DUI charges. For more than 20 years, Mr. Lawson has dutifully fought for his clients' freedom, resolving more 4,900 impaired driving cases during the course of his career. Today, Mr. Lawson has developed a reputation as a skilled negotiator and continues to help clients by fighting to keep them out of jail.


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