McDonough DUI or just ADD / ADHD?

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In McDonough, Henry County DUI officers administer field tests to suspected DUI drivers to justify their decisions to arrest.  Henry County prosecuting attorneys then use the videos of the driver performing the field sobriety tests and officer testimony to attempt to get DUI convictions.  However, these sobriety tests do not account for individuals suffering from ADD/ADHD.  ADD or ADHD  are recognized by the American Disability Act and affect millions of Americans.  

ADD or ADHD may make the sufferer have short attention spans, be unable to follow directions, unable to complete tasks as directed, say impulsive things, and have difficulty regulating their emotions.  ADD and ADHD are just beginning to be understood by researchers.  If a driver suffers from ADD or ADHD, it is likely that poor performance on the field sobriety tests is not due to alcohol intoxication or the influence of drugs, but rather due to the driver's ADD/ADHD symptoms.  

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