The list goes on...more celebrities arrested for DUI offenses

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I try to keep up with DUI arrests in the news. The list just goes on and on from prominent politicians (George W. Bush) to socialites (Khloe Kardashian) to athletes (Hines Ward). So many people arrested for DUI in DeKalb County or Decatur, GA feel ashamed, embarrased and alone. You are really not alone. DeKalb County DUI officers make thousands of arrests each year. You have options and no one has to plead guilty to a DUI. You are entitled to a trial by jury and all the rights that come with it including a presumption of innocence and the requirement that the DeKalb County DUI prosecuting attorneys prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. But back to DUI arrests in the news in recent months.

Former pro hockey player and current ESPN analyst Matthew Barnaby was arrested for DUI recently in New York. DUI officers pulled Barnaby over for allegedly driving his porsche on 3 tires with sparks flying. He participated in field sobriety tests, but, according to reports, refused to take the state administered breath test. If this had happened in DeKalb County, he would be facing a one year suspension of his Georgia driving privileges for that refusal.

A former Hannah Montana star, Mitchell Musso, was arrested in California for DUI. Musso is 20 years old and tested, per reports, over the .08 DUI breath test limit.

Also facing a DUI arrest in the past few weeks was Ryan Merriman. Merriman, an actor, perhaps best known for starring in Final Destination 3, was pulled over for running a red light in Newport Beach, CA. Upon stopping him for the traffic infraction, the DUI officers suspected him of DUI and an arrest was made.

DeKalb County prosecutors are tough on DUI. But DUI lawyers from my office win cases (and get reductions to reckless driving) all the time. Call me today for a free Decatur / DeKalb DUI consultation.

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