Dunwoody Probation Violations

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Each month, the prosecuting attorneys and judges for the city of Dunwoody see to it that defendants who are convicted at trial or enter a guilty plea are put on probation.  Typically, probation that results from a Dunwoody plea is 12 months or longer, depending on the number of charges or counts the offender is charged with.  Each ticket / citation or offense that you are charged with generally carries a 12 month sentence.  This stack together in most cases.  So if you are charged by a Dunwoody prosecuting attorney with driving under the influence ( DUI ) as well as given a citation for failure to maintain lane, the prosecuting attorney can stack the sentences under Georgia law.  This means that there would be 24 months of probation. 

Probation is an alternative to jail, but it can be problematic and VERY expensive.  Probation requires you to pay - pay supervision fees, for drug and alcohol screens, for DUI school, for alcohol and drug assessments, for counseling, as well as for the high fines and court costs assessed during the case.  A new offense, even a ticket, that it issued or that you are arrested for is a violation of probation and can lead to you going to jail without a bond being available.  It can be months waiting to have a trial to contest the new charges.  Plus, violation of probation is a charge in and of itself under Georgia law.  Some probation officers are very quick to charge people with violations of probation and revoke them to jail. 

If you are facing a problem with your probation or a probation violation, call a Dunwoody probation lawyer today. 

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