Breath test REFUSALS Clayton Co.

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In Clayton County, tons of people get DUIs.  Clayton County police write DUIs every night.  Most officers will ask the driver to submit to a blood or breath test if they suspect the driver of DUI.  For many people, their first inclination is not to submit or refuse.  This is America and there is a right against self incrimination.  Plus, people want to get home and the officers can be rude and harassing.  The problem in a DUI case is that there are two prosecutions.  One is the regular criminal court case.  The other is the Department of Driver Services (DDS)  administrative suspension case. 

If you do not provide the requested test to the arresting officer, while this helps your criminal prosecution, it hurts your DDS case in that there is an implied consent rule in Georgia.  If you do not provide the test to the officer, you violate implied consent and DDS can attempt to suspend your driving privileges for one year without the option of a temporary or limited driving permit.  Loss of driving privileges is often worse for people then a DUI conviction in the criminal case. 

If you are charged with a Clayton County DUI, give DUI lawyer Richard Lawson a call to consult about your case and your rights. 

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