Dekalb County Probation Violations

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In DeKalb County, probation officers accuse people of probation violations all the time.  Unfortunately, there are many ways in which a person can be accused of violating their probation and a violation of probation can be serious as it may mean jail or prison time and the loss of first offender status.  A violation of probation can be a technical violation or a new criminal or traffic offense. 

In DeKalb County, a technical violation of probation that can lead to your probation being revoked can include failure to report to your probation officer or failure to attend required counseling, victim impact panels, or drug / alcohol testing.  Of course, a dirty drug or alcohol screen will also be a probation violation.  So could getting behind in completing community service, failing to pay fines and court fees, and failure to pay the probation supervision fee of approximately $44 per month. 

A new offense - ranging from a serious felony to even a traffic ticket or DUI - can cause your probation to be violated.  And the probation officer does not even need a conviction (which comes with the assurance of proof beyond a reasonable doubt) to charge you with a probation violation and proceed with a revocation hearing.  They can also put a probation hold on you which makes it difficult to bond out of jail on the new offense until the point in time when the probation violation is disposed of. 

Probation violations can be severe as probation officers and judges in DeKalb County have little sympathy for alleged probation violaters.  A skilled lawyer can help.   Call the Law Office of Richard Lawson today to discuss your case. 

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