DeKalb County DUI Trials (1)

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DeKalb County DUI prosecuting attorneys rarely reduce DUI cases to reckless driving. Even more rarely do they just dismiss or drop a DeKalb DUI. And DeKalb County has Star Team officers who arrest drivers for DUI every night. This means that there are usually just two options for a person facing a DeKalb Co. DUI case. Either work out a plea bargain in which consequences - like jail time, probation conditions, and fines - are minimized; OR fight the case to keep it off your record. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard Lawson have experience fighting DUI charges and beating them. The best DeKalb DUI lawyers will file Motions on your behalf. These include discovery and disclosure motions that require the state prosecuting attorneys and officers to turn over copies of all their evidence - like breath test results, video and audio recordings, and police and supplemental reports. Then there are motions for the suppression of certain evidence. If the officer did not follow procedure, then there are ways to get evidence like breath test results and field sobriety test results, as well as statements, like admissions of drinking, excluded from the jury trial.

For first time DeKalb DUI defendants, the DUI charges are usually a misdemeanor. They will generally be heard in the State Court of DeKalb County and prosecuted by attorneys at the Office of the Solicitor General. The jury for a misdemeanor is composed of 6 people.

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If you are facing a DeKalb DUI,call DeKalb DUI lawyer Ricahrd Lawson and his team for a comprehensive case consultation.

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