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According to the AJC, Former Atlanta Falcon Star Jamal Anderson was arrested for DUI in Dekalb County GA on June 25, 2012. Unfortunately this was not his first brush with the law. He had been previously arrested in 2009.

Like anyone else arrested for a Dekalb County DUI, he will be prosecuted in the Dekalb County State Court. He will also need to send an 10 Day letter in order to have an ALS Hearing.

He will need to hire an Dekalb County DUI Attorney in order to challenge the evidence in his case such as a breath, blood, or urine test and any field sobriey tests.

He has a right to hire the attorney of his choice. A Dekalb County DUI Attorney will be able to represent him in court and negotiate a plea bargain or have a bench or jury trial.

After his attorney sends a 10 day letter, he will have an ALS hearing. At the ALS hearing his lawyer will negotiate a settlement that will allow him to drive during the pendency of his case. The ALS Heating is extremely important. Without a 10 day letter, he will lose his ability to drive for up to one year.

At his arraignment he will enter his initial plea. If he enters a not guilty plea, his Dekalb Lawyer will file motions to suppress the evidence and motions for discovery in order to get the police report and video.

The next step will be his pre-trial motions hearings. After the pre-trail motions, he will make the final decision to enter into a plea bargain or to fight the case with a trial. The decision to have a trial or to plead out should only be made after speaking to a Dekalb County DUI Lawyer.

If he goes to trial he may be found not guilty or guilty. If he is found not guilty the judge will enter into the record a judgment of acquittal. If convicted, he will have the right to appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals and even the Georgia Supreme Court.

If you are arrested for DUI in Dekalb County, call a Dekalb County DUI Attorney today. Call DUI Lawyer Richard Lawson 24/7 for a free consultation.

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