UGA Football Star Charged with DUI

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Former UGA star football player Orson Charles was arrested on Friday in Athens for DUI. According to the DUI report, Charles car was stopped in the street around 3am. When the officer approached to see if everything was okay with the vehicle and driver, Mr. Charles began to drive. This triggered a DUI investigation. According to the reports, Charles complied with DUI field sobriety testing and agreed to take a breath test that yielded an over the limit result. He was arrested and taken to the jail where he bonded out shortly thereafter. He is currently awaiting his arraignment date in which he will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. An over the limit breath test can also lead to an administrative suspension of his Georgia drivers license. If Orson Charles is convicted of DUI, this will go on his record forever according to current GA law. It can mean jail time and probation as well as fines, classes, and counseling.

DUI is serious business throughout the state of Georgia. In DeKalb County, there is a highly specialized DUI task force that has extensive training in DUI detection and arrests. DeKalb DUI officers patrol daily for drivers committing traffic offenses. If they smell the odor of alcohol or see another clue consistent with alcohol or drug use, they will likely ask the driver to submit to the field sobriety tests that Orson Charles took. If they observe too many "clues" on these tests, they will place the driver under arrest for DUI. In addition to DeKalb's DUI task force, other DeKalb cities are tough with the DUI enforcement. The DeKalb municipalities of Doraville and Dunwoody in particular are aggressive in their DUI law enforcement.

If you are facing a DeKalb County DUI offense, including a Doraville DUI or a Dunwoody DUI, call our DeKalb DUI defense law office today. If you want the best results on your case, don't hesitate to contact us for a free case consultation.

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