Losing Control: Accidents While Under the Influence

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Georgia has incredibly strict DUI laws, even when the DUI did not result in any other harm than a broken law. When a person's intoxication causes damage to property or harm to other people, the charges may be much more severe. When that accident is the result of drug intoxication, a person may face charges related to the drugs as well as the DUI.

If you or someone you care for has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, an experienced Dekalb County DUI attorney can defend your case and fight for your rights.

Rossville, GA Man Arrested After Crashing Into Mobile Home

man from Rossville, Georgia crashed into a mobile home while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs. He lost control of his vehicle, drove off of the roadway, and then struck the mobile home. The accident occurred in the 600 block of Lakeview Drive in Rossville, GA.

He was arrested on Saturday, October 13, 2018, following the accident. He was taken to the Catoosa County jail but was later released on bond.

Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs

Georgia's DUI statute covers not only drivers under the influence of alcohol but those under the influence of drugs as well. This covers prescription, over-the-counter, and illegal substances.

Unlike with alcohol, there is no quickly measurable way to determine whether a person is under the influence of drugs. While a 0.08% test on a breathalyzer is presumed to show intoxication for alcohol, no such test exists for drugs, and as a result, no such "per se" limit for drugs has been established.

This means that determining whether the alleged "drugs" in your system negatively influenced your ability to drive will be up to the subjective judgment of Georgia law enforcement officers.

DUI Less Safe

The DUI Less Safe statute states that if a police officer believes that a driver is "less safe" to drive as a result of taking an intoxicating substance, such as drugs or alcohol, he or she can be arrested for a Georgia DUI.

Determining whether a person is "less safe" is done through field sobriety tests, which are known to be inaccurate. You can challenge the results of these tests to defend your case.

The Risk of Drug Charges

In many cases, Georgia drivers who are under the influence of drugs will be charged with separate drug crimes as well. If an officer finds drugs in the driver's car, he or she can be charged with possession of an illegal substance, or for possession of illegally possessed prescription drugs.

Drug charges on top of charges for DUI can lead to longer sentences, higher fines, and longer penalties related to probation. Understanding these risks is important to defending both your DUI and possible drug charges.

Consult a Dekalb County DUI Attorney

Drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs are at increased risk of prison time and other severe penalties. An experienced Dekalb County DUI attorney can defend your case to protect your rights. Contact us today.

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